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The team at Successful Steps Recruitment have an in-depth knowledge of all the various job roles within the Social Care sector which we recruit in. This knowledge and wealth of experience is invaluable in enabling our team to understand the care setting we provide staff. This ensures that we identify the right individual and meet the client job specification.

We recruit staff to work in organisations including Semi-independent Supported living aged 16-21 years, Childrens Homes aged 11-15 years, early years Child Care Nursery setting, Care Workers working with Adults, including Domiciliary Care Agency (home care), Residential Care Homes for the elderly, Nursing Homes, Mental Health, Social Workers (qualified) and bi-lingual translators. 

We aim to identify the best possible job/candidate to meet the skill set and our team will use our expertise and knowledge of the sector to negotiate the right job/candidate for you!  If you are an employer with staff vacancies and or are a candidate looking for a fresh and new opportunity, please contact our recruitment talent team on 07951 058826 to discuss how we can best support you. 

‘Training and Vocational Qualifications are very important to us at Successful Steps Recruitment

We also have excellent relationships with various accredited training providers that support both employers and candidates alike with essential Mandatory Training (including annual refreshers), Apprenticeship Qualifications in Children, Young People and Families Practioner Level 4, Young People and Families Manager Level 5, Adult Care Worker Level 2, Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3 and Leader in Adult Care Level 5.

We promote the Accredited and recognised Distance Learning Short Courses to all candidates and employers we work with. There are various subjects (up to 35 different subjects) including a Level 2 in Safeguarding. In addition we encourage essential training around:

– Adverse Childhood Experiences
– Behaviour That Challenges
– Mental Health in Children & Young People
– Techniques used in Managing Aggression and Violence (depending on care setting)

All Vocational Qualifications are accredited by Awarding Bodies such as NCFE, Highfields (HABC)

Welcome to the team here at Successful Steps Recruitment!

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